It is not the learning subjects that we cover that makes us different, it is how we deliver the learning that makes us stand apart from other development providers. Our team consists of relevant field experts who are qualified in people development and all of our deliverers are practising or recently practising leaders and managers who have worked in a wide range of industry sectors. We do not employ people who are just trainers; we only employ experienced professionals who can effectively help develop individuals, leaders and teams.

We create environments that are conducive to effective and memorable learning; we call our approach ‘Zoo-Based Development’. In essence, Zoo-Based Development is a unique mix of Bloom’s Taxonomy, Kolb’s Learning Cycle, Honey and Mumford’s Learning styles, Accelerated Learning and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

We work in partnership with a variety of creative subject matter experts to design and deliver our programmes, these include: professional musicians (cultural, classical and percussionists), internationally recognised chamber orchestras, professional stand-up comedians, actors, chefs, professional gamblers (horse racing and poker players), singers, business people, performance coaches and development professionals.

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