Our unique learning and development delivery methods include the use of: music, comedy, poker, horse racing, a variety of behavioural profiling tools and personal development models, historical events and locations, inspirational environments, visual images and sensory stimuli.

We base the designs of our events on the information that we gather from:

  • our clients
  • the results of a detailed training needs analysis, and
  • our own personal knowledge and experience of similar events

Our events vary in length (from ½ day workshops to week long programmes) and they typically provide a powerful combination of practical inputs and advice, plenary and small group discussions, actual team working and a variety of interactive exercises.

We can run our events anywhere! You tell us where you want to go and we will design a programme that will suit your choice of location. We regularly use a mix of indoor and outdoor venues across the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe including: places of historic interest (e.g. battlefields and castles), places of outstanding natural beauty (e.g. The Highlands, The Lake District, The Black Mountains and The Ring of Kerry) and places of interest (e.g. theatres, museums, sports venues and concert venues).

We provide encouragement and support to participants to help them translate their experiences into new behaviours; we help them to ‘make their learning real’.

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