We are an organisation that has a truly unique approach to learning and development. We design and deliver personal development events and courses that are practical, interactive, energising, enjoyable and highly effective. We specialise in leadership development, strategic and operational decision making, effective communication, negotiation and influencing skills, presentation skills, team building, effective team working and coaching. Our learning and development events are designed to take each participant’s individual needs and preferred learning styles into consideration and all of our development messages are linked to the workplace so that the learning is ‘real’.

The links at the top of this page will provide you with an insight into our unique approach to learning and development and they will also provide you with information about: (i) what we do, (ii) how we are different from more traditional learning and development providers, (iii) some examples of our products and services, (iv) our pricing policy, (v) some of the projects that we have worked on recently and (vi) the founders and directors of Now That’s Different Limited.

Our aim is to help people to help others to help themselves.